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A little about me

As a Mexican American woman, I've always embraced the older cultural customs of my heritage, while cultivating mindfulness to our modern age. I explore integrating this balance to an interest in natural self-care, consumption behaviors, and empowering women through storytelling. Strangely enough, I had to break many of the old ideals in order to realize that I just really wanted to be accepted and cared for. I was able to truly share it with others once I found that for myself. Spaces are needed for ladies that are kind yet sincere. However, open hearts are threatened by information overload, cold systemic divides, and societal pressures that are always tugging at everyone to be everything at once. Today, I'm inviting you to simply be yourself and whatever that means to you. You are more than enough. You are beautiful exactly as you are. You are valued. If your life journey gets to be a bit overwhelming, take a few deep breaths and remember you are never too old or young to be a spirit in connection to her freedom, flair and feminine nature.