Skin quenching Hemp Jelly for mascne, PMS flare-ups, and blemishes. Truly is Amazing.

Truly Hemp Jelly Anti Blemish Face Mask first stopped me dead in my Ulta tracks with its neon green glow emanating from the shelf. At the time, my face was healing from a combination of mascne and PMS invaders. Aside from my acne fighting cleanser, moisturizing, and spot treatment, I needed a little refresher to soothe and stave off dryness that can happen when combating pesky flare ups. As a person w very sensitive skin, I was quickly drawn to how natural and clean some of the listed ingredients were: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Witch Hazel, Green Tea Extract, Spirulina Planetis Extract, Kale Leaf Extract, Spinach Leaf Extract, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Ginseng Root Extract, and Oat Amino Acids.

Weird but GOOD science:

Some of these active green lil' ingredient guys are def. of the good kind. Hemp Seed Oil is known for its omega-3 + omega-6 fatty acids, which benefit your skin by hydrating it. Aloe takes its due credit for cooling any inflammation that might pop up during a breakout, while also reducing the redness or scarring after a breakout. Ginseng Root Extract is your anti-aging insurance that's packed w anti-oxidants and will let your skin live its best glow. Lastly, Oat Amino Acids will rejuvenate the overall surface of your skin by easily making it softer and providing that soothing relief (oatmeal baths, anyone?).

After giving it a GO.

When it comes to soothing masks, there's nothing more that I value than REAL ingredients that actually work. I can now proudly say that after trying this Hemp Jelly for a solid 3 weeks (3X per week), I've noticed my blemishes become significantly smaller, dryness or parched patches-gone, and firmness and elasticity improved. I am now going to be incorporating it into my long-term daily routine bc it's that AMAZING. Light fresh aloe-y fragrance, feels like heaven, and definitely leaves a lasting impression. *note: I typically apply 20 min. after cleansing and do not rinse off. Not greasy at all and absorbs right into the skin.

Slice some cucumber slices for your eyes, generously apply Truly Hemp Jelly for a more spa-like experience and get ready for the weekend w a fresh face forward!

I buy mine at Ulta or online here

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