Carnival Lime Crime

Depositing a lush vegan, cruelty free, semi-permanent hair dye into locks seems to bring the craft of a colorist to a charming realm where it's not only just safe to color outside the lines - but one where free play is a MUST. I'm always excited to discover new temporary hair color w a conscious and when Lime Crime came out w its Full Coverage Unicorn Hair in 25+ shades, I was on a mission to indulge in creating something of my own.

Fantasy FORMULA. Inspired by a cold candy slushy, carnival lights and a hot girl summer, I chose Lime Crime's "Anime," "Sea Witch," and "Oyster" for Bunny (my mannequin who was already pre bleached to an ash platinum blonde).

For this color melt technique: I started by center parting into four quads with .5" horizontal sectioning at the root and painting on 1" Anime while gently pulling it down slightly away from the root w my fingers (so a harsh line is avoided).

Next came Sea Witch at .5" diagonal back sectioning at the two front quads. I painted in Sea Witch at 1.5"- overlapping Anime by .5" and making sure to gently blend and bind the two. Again, pulling down the color away from brush saturation until you see a transparent vivid Sea Witch (about 2").

Repeat these steps in the back w the same sectioning until you are ready for the final color, by which you will revert back to your front sections. I always go back to the front as my focal point when I'm painting on multiple colors. I use Framar Maniac Mesh to protect melting from bleeding onto sections when I'm transitioning between them. The beautiful devil is in the details, guys!

Finally, for Oyster, feel free to add a pigment booster of your own liking to give it that POP. I used a half ribbon of Guy Tang's #myidentity Pink Glow dual booster into my bowl and whisked it until it was pure and perfect w Oyster. With woven diagonal back sectioning, I painted on Oyster - overlapping Sea Witch by .5" and brushed all the way to the ends, saturating plenty and making sure Bunny had no bare spots. When I was completely done painting the back sections, I went back in and massaged Bunny's front sections w a wide detangling comb and my fingers to give her an extra seamless blend. I let this magic process for 30 min, but you can leave up to 2 hours for longer lasting results! Be ready for amazing smells BTW.

VOILA. After I gave Bunny a bubbly wash w Framezi's Color Lover Smooth Shine and Conditioner followed by a blow out, I decided to go all the way (similar to when I'd line up for a crazy roller coaster w some sticky youths) and gave her a roller set. I think she looks magically happy. Her chances of winning that giant unicorn? Aces. Thanks Lime Crime for letting me dive into a fantasy unlike no other. For your Full Coverage Unicorn Hair click here. I challenge you to fall in your own kind of hair play and plze share;)

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