Gentle Is As Gentle Does: Satin Pillowcase for your Tresses

Remember Cinderella waking up and pulling that fluffy pillow over her head as her bird tribe boosts her morning morale? Well, I'm convinced that pillowcase was made of satin bc there's no way hair and skin can wake up looking THAT good. Today's advent of natural skincare and hair rituals extends well past gummies, collagen powder, and/or a healthy balanced diet (7 hr. zzz's too!). Dermatologists and hair colorists have been joining forces in agreement when it comes to adding silk or satin pillowcases on that list of must have's. Today, I'm happy to share my latest find and sum up its benefits on your lovely tresses (birds not included).

Vegan Satin. Hydrating Beauty Pillowcase. Promoting "No Friction," "No Bedhead," "No Breakouts," and "No Sleep Lines," this standard size 100% Polyester Charmeuse Satin pillowcase is animal friendly and stands out first and fore its "no harming silk worms," which in the actual silk industry is not possible bc more than 2,500 on avg.* are killed in order to produce a single pound of silk (*thanx Google). Sleeping w a peaceful mind is always a beautiful thing for a good head of hair. I'll take it!

Natural Hair Retains its Curl Shape and Moisture Better. Let it be KNOWN that more than often, mainstream beauty trends owe their origins to the history of Black hair culture. From headwraps, scarves, and do-rags, protecting a curl or wave pattern is just one example of evolutionary roots in modern hair care products born out of historical identity, necessity and cultural values. BC curly hair naturally needs a little more moisture, a satin pillowcase helps retain its lovely natural oils by not absorbing them as much.

Hair Color Will Shine Better. As hair color begins to say "so long", (especially when it comes to pre-lightened hair), lack of pigment can often lead to dryness and sadly, breakage if we aren't protecting it daily from the sun, stress, and pollutants out there. This can make hair appear brittle and lackluster. Don't worry, once your hair colorist deposits that fresh routine toner, you can relish in the moisture seal, but why wait? Do your hair color a solid and go satin. Cotton pillowcases actually suck up more moisture from your hair and can also create more friction when you're moving around in your sleep, causing hair cuticles to parch, leading to a Cruella de Vil kinda hair scheme in the a.m.

Sensitive Skin Can Rest and Relax. As ya'll might know my skin freaks out during my period and the added benefit of rest assuring that the thing I sleep on will allow my retinol night potions to stick on my face longer and not be absorbed by a cotton case is a huge plus. Also, because the satin won't leave any "pillow lines" the likelihood of long-term skin lines during sleep is greatly slowed down. Flare-ups also beware since satin doesn't make you sweat as much as cotton does, therefore reducing chances of overproducing oils and clogging pores.

There ya have it guys! I hope you all do your best work at getting to bed on time and eating a balanced plate of the rainbow diet, but if you want to up the self-care game just a fairytale bit, invest in a satin pillowcase and let me know how it suits YOU! Plus, they're just sexier.

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