Sugar Skulls at My Finger Tips

It starts with an appetite for color. This is how I begin to twirl around ideas for a manicure. Sometimes its a classic apple red for weeks on end or a sheer ivory that shimmers in the sunlight for a shorter affair. It's a lovely thing - to have free range when it comes to creativity, however I'm especially fond of how seasons inspire our elements of design. This Autumn, I'm embracing all things which ebb and flow in the day to day. From earlier sunsets to rain coming down in buckets, nature is revealing and painting its annual changes, unapologetically. Meanwhile, I'll take solace adapting in my own way by choosing a nice pumpkin orange for my claws. Essie makes a quick dry polish that literally dries as soon as you've moved onto the next nail. It's called "Expressie" and for this mani, I chose "Strong at 1%" (go figure!) which is a nice pastel like orange hue. Also picked up teeny tiny sugar skull stickers by Dashing Diva in Sugar Skull Celebration to commemorate loved ones in the afterlife. I almost didn't have the mental energy to decorate my nails for this week, but as I listened to the rain tapping at my window ever so fiercely last Friday, I remembered there's no real rest for the wicked if you embark on embracing change.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween ghouls and boys!

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